FENS Forum 2008 - Geneva


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Special Event SE08 - Session 107 - Monday 14/07/2008, 13:00-14:00
Plenary Hall
Breaking news in neuroscience

Chaired by: Fritschy J.M. (Zurich, Switzerland)

Heine, M. et al. Science 2008, 320 (201-5)
Surface mobility of postsyaptic AMPARs tunes synaptic transmission.

Li, J-Y et al. Nature Medicine 2008,14 (501-3)
Lewy bodies in grafted neurons in subjects with Parkinson’s disease suggest host-to-graft disease propagation.

Lomber, S. and Malhotra, S. Nature Neuroscience (plus a News and Views) 2008, 11 (609-16)
Double Dissociation of “What” and “Where” Processing in Auditory Cortex.

Quian Quiroga, R. et al. PNAS 2008,105 (3599-3604)
Human single cells responses at the threshold of conscious recognition.

Rusakov, D. (from Sylantyev et al) Science 2008, 319 (1845-1849)
Electric fields due to synaptic currents sharpen excitatory transmission.

Wicher, D. et al. Nature 2008, 452 (1007-1011)
Drosophila odorant receptors are both ligand-gated and cyclic-nucleotide-activated cation channels.

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